PARENTS: Douglasism is not a true friend

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PARENTS: Douglasism is not a true friend

by Dr. Charles Warner

Dr. Harris was sombre and resolute.  The voice of a responsible leader, a leader who accepts responsibility.  Not like Dr. Douglas who openly told the Nation that he took no responsibility for crime.

How could any Leader make such an arrogant careless statement to the people he governs.  Persons like Marcella and Konris Maynard took Dr. Douglas’ statement; were fully comfortable.  These same people were clamouring and demanding a statement from the prime minister.  Dr. Harris, unlike his predecessor, made a statement of a serious leader.  Also, from a material perspective, outlined measures to effect his objectives.

As a result a nervous public felt a sense of reassurance, felt that the leader they elected, had their welfare at heart.

In the case of Dr. Douglas, sensible citizens were in awe as to the statement he made in the parliament.  The people felt unsafe in the era of Douglasism, have felt relatively safe under the present Team Unity government.

While Dr. Douglas’s statement made the bandits feel secure in their ways, that of Dr. Harris’s sent a completely different message.  Dr. Douglas urged and supported the bandits.  Dr. Harris has told them he wants no friendship with them and murderers.  He wants to make the populace to feel safe and secured.

In line with the spate of killings and the recent meeting of the gangsters in Frigate Bay, Dr. Harris efforts are to be given total commendation.  The people are seeing the nature of the beast, a heart organised and bent on doing harm.

According to street radio and the official ZIZ media, there was an Al Capone-like meeting at the Marriott on the weekend of February 15, 2019.  The police got information and arrested the bunch. 

Organised criminal activity and behaviour got its roots and encouragement in the era of Douglasism and now is firmly entrenched in our State.  Apart from killings there is the existence of extortion.

As said,Douglasism has always been the friend of criminal behaviour.  Guess who is coming out against the weekend arrests?  Douglasism and its followers!  Coming out against the efforts of the police even in the light of the weekend surge in homicides.

Parents have to be very careful as to who has their real interests, and that of their children.  The police will not be encouraged to “brutalise” anybody’s children.  However, parents are between a rock and a very deep place.  The police/army may “rough up” but the shootings are leading to the death of their children.  Sometimes, no one to blame or parents cannot talk.  While Douglasism backs the criminals, the parents are losing their young men.  It is left to wonder what the likes of Konris, Denzil and Marcella really want.

It must be stated bluntly, and anyone who challenges/disagrees, the most critical problem facing the Federation – crime – in the last 25 years, was ignored by Douglasism.  When Douglasism was alerted to the emergence of gangs, it went public and refuted the claim, stating that no gangs exist in St. Kitts and Nevis.  Today the facts are different and frightening.

Along with the emergence of crime, Douglasism caused a 33% level of poverty.  A tinder box of sound decay and degradation.  This was not so prior to Douglasism.  What Douglasism did not create, it urged or supported.

One has to pose to Douglasism that if with the spate of homicides and the CAPONE meeting at the hotel if the RSS must still leave our shores.

A major crisis is facing the country and as seen in places like Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Kitts and Nevis is really up against it.  Half of the budget against crime could have gone to Health, Agriculture or Education, three basic pillars of our State.

Moreso, it has to be mentioned.  Money and resources which could have gone into the education of children, parents have to spend on lawyers and undertakers.

An irony has once again emerged.  A family complains about police brutality and harassment on their child, only to have some child later shot to death by criminals.  The same criminals the local and RSS men are trying to suppress.  In this whole issue the parents need to see Dr. Harris and the Unity movement  as their friend.  Ultimately, the efforts of the government is to keep them alive with a chance to mend their ways.  In this effort Dr. Douglas, Marcella, Konris et al are not your friends.

Douglasism cannot be the friend of young men when it urged them into crime and today wants the RSS out of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Thus support he who is taking the responsiblility.

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