Nurses and other Healthcare Workers to Get Pay Increase


Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris received a rousing round of cheers and applause at the Opening of the Cancer Care Unit and the JNF Hospital when he announced that Nurses and Healthcare workers will now effectively receive a pay hike. PM Harris announced that the healthcare workers will now receive overtime pay.

PM Harris stated  “Some of us in healthcare and other sectors believe that we are overworked and underpaid, and some of you are, I admit. 

“In the 2017 budget we are going to make a special provision for nurses and other healthcare people to get overtime payment; long overdue, but better late than never.”

Prime Minister Harris also commented on the Opposition’s fervour regarding the recruitment of foreign nurses to enhance the local stock of specialist nurses.

Prime Minister Harris said there is no regard to nationality once persons are willing to provide their services where needed in the federation, they are welcome. This potential intake of new nurses will benefit the healthcare industry to support those that need care. It may be a good time for the different healthcare management teams to integrate some of the best rostering software to help with keeping on top of what employees are doing and how they are administering care.

“When we can engage in the dissonance of arguments about the role of nationalities in health; about whether they should come from Cuba or Philippines. Ultimately, as a small country with mere fifty thousand souls, you will never have enough resident manpower locally and homegrown to satisfy the difficult task of national development; no small country has and no large country has up to today been able to do it. 

“That is why healthcare needs all of us and it doesn’t matter if you are from Cuba or the Philippines, I say welcome to service.”

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