No New Contract for DPP

Travers Sinanan
Travers Sinanan

Travers Sinanan

Basseterre, St.Kitts (August 8th 2015):-The two year contract of the Director of Public Prosecution on St.Kitts-Nevis has expired . Travers Sinanan was named DPP with a two year contract in 2013 . The contract expired on July 15th 2015. The government has yet to issue an official statement regarding the future of the Sinanan but this media house has been reliably informed that the Cabinet has taken a decision not to renew his contract based on a number of reasons.
Siananan was named DPP under some cloud of controversy as his appointment was made in contradiction of the constitution which states that the DPP should be no more than 55 years of age. However Sianan was given a two year contract when he was already over the age of 55. The last DPP Pauline Hendrickson went home at 55.
On July 20th some 5 days after his contract had expired Sinanan allegedly expressed some concern regarding his safety and security after the outcome of recent matters he prosecuted involving murder cases. Sianan allegedly made a request for an increase in his security detail as well as security for his wife. Among his requests were a specially tinted vehicle as well as a bullet proof vest. The government’s concern about his safety and security plus a number of other factors were allegedly considered in the government’s decision not to renew his contract.
Sianan was at the center of some controversy when a number of persons who were arrested and languished in jail for sometimes up to 18 months have brought action against the DPP after their cases were dropped after no evidence was presented in support of prosecution of the cases. The cases against the defendants were all dismissed and has resulted in some of these defendants bringing cases against the DPP’s office. It is unclear how many successful prosecutions Sianan has had during his tenure. It is speculated, that as well would’ve had some influence on the decision not to renew his contract.
Trinidadian born Sinanan comes from a family of attorneys. He worked as a Magisterial Clerk in London, and then at the Crown Prosecution Service.

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