New Errand Solutions Service Opens for Business in St. Kitts

Omar Hodge

Omar Hodge

October 20th, 2015 — In today’s world where time is a very important asset, there is the perpetual problem of not having enough of it. During the course of our personal and professional lives there are many things that we have ‘to-do’ and very little time to get them done.  Waiting in long lines, sacrificing lunch hours, coordinating handymen visits, and moving around the island to conduct various tasks have all contributed to a certain level of frustration and inconvenience for both individuals and businesses alike.

TimeCube Errand Solutions, is a unique administrative courier and personal assistance business which was created to provide a number of necessary time saving services to both individuals and small/medium enterprises at very affordable rates.
Founder and owner of TimeCube, Mr. Omar K. Hodge, who has almost 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector, and in areas of customer care fully understands the importance of time and catering to clients’ needs in a professional and efficient manner. “I have a passion for service and for coming up with creative and innovative ways to solve problems.  I also place great value on confidentiality and reliability”, he said. This lead to the birth of TimeCube.
Services currently offered by TimeCube Errand Solutions include but are not limited to: bank transactions, deliveries, document pick-ups/drop-offs, bill payments, courier collection, prescription pickups, grocery shopping, house check-ins and reservations/appointments. “Individuals can look at it as having their very own personal assistant who they can call on to assist with any particular errand they need to have completed. As for businesses, they are provided the benefit of outsourcing their general messenger duties which saves them the costs and other responsibilities associated with contracting a full-time employee. “, said Hodge. He further advised that once it makes your to-do list, just ask; it can be handled.
“At TimeCube we know that time is money, and we’ll save you both!” Mr. Hodge exclaimed.
TimeCube Errand Solutions operates from 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Fridays. Special request for services outside of normal hours will also be considered.
For additional information, TimeCube can be contacted at (869) 767 3000 and emailed at Persons can also visit their Facebook page at

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