New 40 plus Member Carnival Committee Stage Successful Retreat

In what was labeled as the first Management Team Retreat, members of the newly-installed National Carnival Steering Committee, met at Sweet Lime, Port Zante, from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday September 5th.  At said forum, Noah Mills, the newly appointed Carnival Chairperson, welcomed the group and thanked them for their pledge to volunteer for Carnival 2015-16.    He subsequently emphasized the many sacrifices that they had made thus far, and will continue to make.  To this end, the Chairman inundated them with appreciation for same.

Mills then went on to describe his Vision and cardinal Objectives for Carnival 44.  The objectives include:

  1. Ensuring Safety and Enjoyment for all Carnival Stakeholders
  2. Managing Carnival with utmost Transparency
  3. Practicing Inclusion
  4. Continuing to augment the overall Quality of the Carnival Product

The Hon, Shawn K. Richards was also on hand to give brief remarks.  As the Minister with oversight responsibility for Culture, and by extension, Carnival, Richards expressed his profound gratitude to those who had committed themselves to fulfill the many demands that need to be made for Carnival to be successful.  He also gave the assurance that his Ministry and the Government are committed to the successful hosting of Carnival 2015-16, and that they would do everything in their power to avail the necessary resources for this to materialize.

The core Management Team is comprised of 40 individuals.    In introducing the members, Mills noted that he is an advocate for decentralization, empowerment, and delegation. Further, in keeping the personal and professional obligations of each Team Member in mind, he felt that this Management Model would allow the array of functional area Leaders to assist effectively and efficiently across the entire Carnival Season.

At the Retreat, the team discussed calendaring of Events, Budgeting, and other strategic topical areas.   Further, as a demonstration of the all-inclusion objective mentioned prior, and the Management’s commitment to support fringe activities, several presentations were made by organizers of ancillary events.  Some included the Caribbean Teen Talent, Cooler Fete, Caribbean King of Kings Calypso, and a new Carnival Entertainment concept called Carnival Fantasy.  Other Suppliers also presented on services that they think can advance the overall Carnival Product.  

At the meeting, several new Carnival Events were discussed.    There was also special focus placed on augmenting “Kiddies Carnival” as well as, the Cultural component of Carnival.    Further, numerous team building activities were rolled out, which no doubt served to underscore the importance Camaraderie, Collaboration and Cooperation amongst the Management members going forward.   

Carnival Committee

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