Nevis Benefiting from $25 Million Annually in Team UNITY Government Federal Support as Compared to less Than $2 Million Under Douglas Administration.

Prime Minister Harris and Premier Amory


Basseterre, St.Kitts (November 28th 2016):- The Island of Nevis has been benefitting in an unprecedented fashion since the election to office of the Team UNITY Administration. The Team UNITY Administration, which comprises a coalition of 3 major parties across both St.Kitts and NEVIS namely the PAM, CCM and PLP, has made available in just it’s first two year in office some near $60 million in budget support for the Nevis Island Administration.

Deputy Premier of Nevis and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation made the revelation in a recent social media post . Brantley outlined that during the period of the NRP/Labour Federal Givernment Coalition between 2010 and 2015 and the previous partnsership with the NRP NIA and the Labour PaRTY Federal administration the island of Nevis received on average $1.76 million annually


Deputy Premier Brantley stated “The NRP jumped into bed with Labour from 2006-2013 and from 2010 to 2015 was in a coalition with Labour at the Federal level. During the entire period from 2006-

Hon. Mark Brantley

Hon. Mark Brantley

2015 Nevis received EC$17.6 million in grant and loan funds from the Federal government and SIDF combined. That’s 10 years for an average of EC$1.76 million per year. (Some of the SIDF funds received for the water project during that time was actually negotiated by Minister Troy Liburd but give NRP that too).”

Brantley continued by outlining the benefits to Nevis in terms of financial or budgetary support since the new Team Unity administration

“Now what is the position under Unity? During the first year of Unity for 2015 Nevis received EC$25 million from the Federal government. For 2016 thus far Nevis has already received EC$26.16 million from the Federal government and SIDF. The SIDF has also given its commitment to support several significant projects in Nevis with funds to be drawn down shortly. In less than 2 years therefore under Unity, Nevis is averaging EC$25.58 million per year. That is 14.5 times as good as Nevis fared under NRP and Labour,” said Brantley

Brantley credicted the signing of the historic Charlestown Accord in late 2014 as the catalyst for the tremendous benefits that Nevis is now receiving under the current Team UNITY Administration.

Brantley continues “This is a direct result of the Charlestown Accord and the commitment that the resources of the country particularly from the CBI programme should be available to ALL of the people of St Kitts Nevis.”


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