Ministry of National Security’s Withdrawal of Support Leaves Explorers Club Out of Independence 40 Parade, Prompting Concerns and Widespread Condemnation

The conspicuous absence of the Explorers Club, the largest youth organization of its kind in the federation, from the Independence 40 Ceremonial Parade has raised questions about the Ministry of National Security’s sudden withdrawal of support. The group, boasting over 1400 members, was initially conceived by Inspector Rosemary Isles and received significant backing from former Minister of National Security and 3rd Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris.Since its inception in 2017, the Explorers Club has flourished, with thirteen clubs now dispersed across various communities in St. Kitts. Inspector Isles, the driving force behind this initiative, is on the verge of launching the first club in Nevis. These clubs offer after-school programs, field trips, and camping experiences during holidays, emphasizing cadet parade and drill to instill discipline and camaraderie.In a surprising turn of events, the current Prime Minister and Minister of National Security seem to have diverted attention and resources away from the Explorers Club program, mirroring a similar shift seen in the PEACE program. This shift was glaringly evident when the club was not extended an invitation to participate in the Independence Ceremonial Parade, departing from the established norm of recent years. The move has left many questioning the motives behind this abrupt change in support for a program that has positively impacted the lives of countless young individuals in the federation.

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