Message to Students Studying in Cuba on the Occasion of the 38th Independence Anniversary of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Message to Students on the Occasion of the 38th Independence Anniversary of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Your Excellency, Verna Mills

Ambassador of Saint Kitts and Nevis to the Republic of Cuba

September 19, 2021

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to greet you on the occasion of the celebration of our thirty-eighth Anniversary of Independence. On behalf of the Embassy of Saint Kitts and Nevis in Cuba, I congratulate you and wish you good health and prosperity.

This year has been extremely difficult for many people. The lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic have impacted lives around the world. This unwelcome virus has presented us with new challenges, unexpected circumstances, and new uncertainties. Jobs have been lost and our family members, friends and peers are all suffering. Unfortunately, this virus has claimed the lives of several nationals abroad and at home. For this reason, I extend our condolences to every national who has lost a family member during the past year due to COVID-19. Despite the epidemiological and economic problems faced by our people, we will never be defeated because we are a resilient people, determined and committed to beating COVID-19 and overcoming other obstacles that stand in our way.

It is therefore fitting that this year we celebrate our National Day under the theme “Adapt, Diversify, Recreate: Independence 38.” We must adapt and learn to successfully manage change in our lives. When we embrace change and handle challenges in a positive way, our resilience in life can only be strengthened. Consequently, we must be able to recognise and take advantage of the opportunities that change can bring about in our lives. Adapting to change requires flexibility and a positive mindset to understand the impact that change is having on you. Change is inevitable. Resistance to change can jeopardize your opportunities to excel. Resistance to change can undermine your personal growth and development. Adapting can lead you to a place of peace and resilience. It can bring many benefits not only for you, but also for your community and your country in general.

The pandemic amplifies the urgency to diversify our economy. Hence, Saint Kitts and Nevis is counting on you to invest your time, to contribute innovative ideas and use your skills to help us to diversify the economy. With your participation, together we can increase opportunities and open doors for others, especially our youth. Together, we can build back better and stronger. We can work as “a nation bound together, with a common destiny.”

Recreating ourselves is simply transforming ourselves by making personal changes to ensure our happiness and fulfillment. Recreating ourselves can be the key to our success or failure. I challenge you to reinvent yourself. I challenge you to make your contribution in the land that we call home.

In spite of the many setbacks this year, we have much to celebrate: our people, our rich history, our culture, our heritage, our economic, educational, social and technological development, and our advances in health and sports. And speaking of sport, I wish to commend the Saint Kitts and Nevis Patriots, who on September 15, gave us our independence gift, by defeating Saint Lucia to win for the very first time, the coveted title of the Caribbean Premier League Cricket T20 Champion. We are very proud of the team and we wish them the very best.

On this special day, we think of the constructive work of those who have preceded us. We think about the future of our country. We encourage you to reflect on the role you must now play to develop our country. We look forward to your return to the Federation where you will be expected to work hand in hand with your fellow citizens to build our beloved nation. Celebrate in a responsible way and please remember to follow the Covid-19 protocols and be safe.

Happy Independence Day! May God bless you and your loved ones!

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