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By: Dr Charles Warner

There is an obvious and blatant comparison that cannot be avoided.  The leadership style of Dr Douglas and the present style of Dr Timothy Harris.  The comparison is really  “ASK THE PRIME MINISTER” and “LEADERSHIP MATTERS”.

Ask the Prime Minister ie Dr. Douglas’ was a one man show, of course with Erasmus Williams as the “Filterman”.  Also no one in the public is insulted like when the poor woman was called an Ass.

It was always about Denzil Douglas in the Narcissistic , Megalomanical mode; no one else was capable.

Over the months we have seen Dr Harris on “Leadership Matters” and the approach to leadership is 180 degrees different.  In the initial period of the COVID-19 the critics were saying that he is not talking to the public enough.  That was malice and a gross misunderstanding of events.  As a good and erudite leader, Dr Harris placed the matter of the COVIS-19 in the hands of the professionals, sharing utmost respect for their knowledge and capabilities.   He has not been proven to be wrong.  Countries ought to be guided by the expert input of these people.

On “Leadership Matters” he has brought his ministers on the programme, thus showing confidence in their abilities, giving them the chance to engage the public.

One rememberd in the days of Douglasism, Dr Asim Martin, a qualified medical doctor, was the Minister of Health.  Yet, every meeting relating to matters of Health, Dr Denzil Douglas made the trip.

What was that saying to and about Dr Asim Martin; he is not capable, not able to learn.  An insult to Dr Martin and the electorate who put him in place.

Leadership requires ability, respects ability and shows confidence in that ability.  This is what Dr Harris is doing and showing the people.  Yes he is first among equals, but he is not putting the examples a first but an equal ability.

The people in the various constituencies and various parties in Team Unity elected their representatives.  These same people are seeing week after week their representatives as Leaders in Leadership Matters.

This was never seen in the era of Douglassism.  Dr Douglas was Ten Man In One.  Dr Harris is demarcating an All Inclusive approach.   That there is a Leader but that a Team is leading the country.  He is inspiring more confidence in the members of his Cabinet, the people around him.

It is not just at the level of Ministry but at high level persons in the public service.  Demonstrating  to the public that Division of Labour.  That the future of the State requires an input from all levels.

Thus over the past weeks or months we have seen many high level public officials on “Leadership Matters”.

Dr Laws and Dr Wilkinson, Mr Samuel, Mr Gift, Mr Pemberton et al.  People who are in leadership positions brought to the public in their leadership roles and capacities.

The buck stops with the leaders it has been sent.  However, if the people below are inspired, given confidence, matters of St. Kitts and Nevis will be solved and addressed without the buck having to reach the Leader.  It is all about recognising ability and putting confidence in that ability, building capacity.

Many of these high level public servants probably never thought that they would be in such a prime time show, sitting with the leader in “Leadership Matters”.

The general public too never thought that it would see this level of integral governance, actually seeing and able to pose questions to these public officials.  The public is seeing, experiencing the capabilities of the people.  All because they are brought to the fore by the Leader.

We are today seeing a totally different style of leadership, no more the Ten Man in One.  Dr Harris is showing that he has confidence in the ability, not only of the ministers, but the high level public officials.

This is permeating through the entire Administration.


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