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(EMU) – St. Kitts, December, 7, 2015: The Deputy of Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Hon. Shawn K. Richards continued the distribution of laptops to the various government primary, pre-schools and day care centres on St. Kitts.

The laptop distribution initiative is one that the Ministry of Education has undertaken to ensure that the Administration of each school or child care provider is adequately equipped to cope with this technological era. Many people and businesses are looking at Laptop Guides and buying one due to their portability and convenience for work and research. With this growing market, it’s important that schools and children get in on this trend as well to enhance their education as well as their digital literacy.

These laptops are expected to be used by the Administrative staff at the school to improve the efficiency of the delivery of education here. Additionally, we expect that teachers will use the laptops to help to improve the experience of our students. Therefore the laptops would also be used by teachers to do the necessary research to augment their lesson plans. The Ministry of Education acknowledges that technology is important to the delivery of education. The schools, on the other hand, may need to make sure that all of the computers are in good working condition. If that isn’t the case, they may need to contact professionals from various service centers to solve it. If you’re interested in learning more about it, continue reading on sites like Micro Center.
This new venture by the Ministry of Education began last school term focusing on the schools in the central Basseterre area. With the aim of ensuring that the various primary schools and pre-schools/nurseries are equipped with laptops. Minister Richards explained, “This initiative is aimed at improving the overall efficiency and delivery of education in our primary schools and early childhood centres.”

The past laptops distribution initiative targeted the students, however said initiative is currently under review. The hope of the Ministry of Education alongside the Ministry of Finance, is to restore the computer laboratories in the various schools on St. Kitts and ensure that the classrooms and teachers are equipped with necessary skills to use the laptops in the classroom.

The Minister of Education also used the opportunity to tour the facilities and assess the needs of the day care centres as well as the various classrooms and computer laboratories.

The laptop distribution drive was conducted on 30 November and 1st December. Schools that were issued laptops included, Irishtown Primary, Newton Nursery, Tucker Clarke Primary, Industrial Site Pre School, Beach Allen Primary, St. Peter’s Day Care Centre, Deane Glasford Primary, Newton Ground Day Care, Newton Ground Primary, St. Pauls Day Care, St. Pauls Primary, Dieppe Bay Day Care, Dieppe Bay Primary, Saddlers Primary, Saddlers Day Care, Edgar T Morris Primary, Tabernacle Day Care, Estridge Primary, Joshua O. Williams Primary, Violette Petty Primary, Cayon Day Care and Cayon Primary.

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