International , Regional and Local Experts  Give  the Green Light to Ultra Modern New High School in St.Kitts .  ZERO  Impact on Basseterre Aquifer Anticipated

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(L-R) Dennison Pauls, Dr Halla Sahely, Cromwell Williams, Andrew Huthinson, Athill Rawlins



A number of Engineers  and technical experts and advisers have given the Green Light to the construction of the brand new Ultra Modern Basseterre High School Amidst some public debate regarding  effects the new BHS may cause on the aquifer in terms of sewage. The high level team of experts, engineers, advisers  and  consultants have assured that all of the necessary steps are being taken to ensure that the school and residents of East Basseterre are satisfied with the end product.

The team that advised the Cabinet on the site included   Engineer Dr. Halla Sahely, an expert in the field of water; Cromwell Williams, the Director of Public Works; Water Management Engineer Denison Paul,; Water Management Engineering Expert Athill Rawlins, who previously worked at the Water Department and is now retired; Anthony DaSilva from Innotech, Barbados; Expert Geologist Sandy Nettles from the United States, who has done extensive work in the field of water throughout the Caribbean and further afield; and Water Expert  Floyd Harris from Nevis

Sandy Nettles

The team all pointed out that the proposed site at Ponds Estate is located downstream of the well field and groundwater flows towards the ocean. As such, the risk of contamination is mitigated. They outlined where the wells are located in proximity to the proposed site of the new Basseterre High School. They explicitly stated that sewage systems must also be put in place and that the sewage systems should be self-contained. This has been included as a major part of the construction and development of the school. Therefore whatever waste or sewage you have doesn’t actually flow underground into any septic tanks and remain there.

 Andrew Hutchinson The civil engineer representing the firm hired to do the civil works for the new Basseterre High School, like the advisory team ,  does not anticipate the facility, when occupied, will have much if any negative impact on the Basseterre Aquifer.

Hutchinson  is a Registered Professional Engineer in Barbados & St Lucia, and a Chartered Engineer with more than 40 years’ experience in the planning, design and project management for a diverse range of civil, structural and environmental engineering projects across the Caribbean. He  has specific experience in stormwater management and watershed modeling 

 The very experienced and qualified Engineer Hutchinson fully supported and agreed with the advice of the team engaged to advise on the BHS relocation and stated  “I’ve made some observations here relative to the proposed school, the Basseterre High School is within the Basseterre watershed the wider watershed area, but it’s on the south fringe and its 1400 ft from the shoreline. The Needsmust well field, there are 6 wells upstream of the site so water flows from the site, downstream, pass our site to the sea. As we said the ground water flow is towards the sea and the nearest well is 1000 ft and the Ponds wells which are the big extraction wells they are 250-390 gallons a minute, they are 2,500 ft away.”

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