“I ask you to have faith and confidence” – St.Lucia PM Dr. Kenny Anthony on CIP

By St.Lucia News Online  Staff

During his New Year’s message, the Prime Minister noted that it was a difficult decision to make.

“But given the persistent decline in foreign direct investment caused by the world financial crisis, the mounting challenges to raise money for our development, the increasing use of citizenship programmes by other countries as an incentive tool, we took the decision to offer a similar programme,” he said.

The Prime Minister said he is aware that some persons are against it, while others are uncertain, and some are worried about the need to protect “our patrimony.”

“Rest assured that I understand your concerns and fears. After all, I too was a non-believer in the necessity and viability of such programmes. I offer those who have anxieties the comfort that we have designed the most transparent, robust, and structured programme to ensure that issues of credibility and integrity are well protected,” he explained.

Dr. Anthony said commencing on January 1 , the CIP Unit have received tremendous interest from potential applicants wishing to become new citizens of Saint Lucia.

“Whilst we have spent the last four years stabilising and restoring our economic foundation, the Citizenship by Investment Programme will provide impetus to our recovering economy to take off in the coming months,” he declared.

Over the next few weeks, announcements will be made of a number of resorts which will be constructed in Saint Lucia. These resorts will create much needed jobs in the construction sector, add more jobs in the hospitality sector, revive the real estate sector and restore a high level of growth to the local economy.

“I am excited by the progress in the Citizenship by Investment Programme and its prospects for the future,” he said.

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