Husband of Murdered 17-year-old in 1992 Cold Case Murder Extradited from Antigua

Facebook Image of Morrad Ghonim with wife, Nadira Lando.
Facebook Image of Morrad Ghonim with wife, Nadira Lando.

Facebook Image of Morrad Ghonim with wife, Nadira Lando.

( After going on with his life, following the 1992 murder of his wife, Maria Victoria Ghonim “Vicki”, Morrad Ghonim has been extradited from Antigua back to the United States. Ghonim was declared a “persona non grata”, meaning a person unwelcomed by Antigua officials on Friday, May 22nd following a search of his home leading police to information showing that he had no work permit for the island and his last extension was in 2012.

“Acting on information received, the police executed a Search Warrant on the home of Ghonim on Wednesday. During the search, the police inquired of the businessman of his Immigration status, among other things,” shared authorities via the May 24, 2015 press release.

This was the least of the problems for Ghonim, the husband of former Miss Dominica, Nadira Lando, because since the murder of his then 17-year-old wife “Vicki” a cloud of suspicion hovered over him. Although an arrest and a March 14th conviction was made of 42-year-old Leon Martinez of Yucaipa, the murder was thought to be a murder for hire. The person suspected of hiring Martinez, being Ghonim, the husband of the victim.

The case that remained unsolved for over 15 years received a DNA hit linking the Yucaipa man to the murder leading to his October 20, 2010 arrest. Information during the testimony from an ex girlfriend of Martinez lead authorities to believe it was in fact a murder for hire. Evidence suggested that the victim’s husband, Morrad Ghonim hired Martinez to stage a robbery in order to murder the then 17-year-old while the two were at the park with their infant son.

According to Sgt. N. Frankie Thomas of the The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Office of Strategic Communications Barbuda,“Alongside the immigration and other issues, there were other very grave concerns of National Security that came to the attention of the Commissioner of Police and the Immigration Department.” He continued, “Upon recommendations, based on information received, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda on Friday 22nd May 2015, in the interest of National Security, declared Morrad Modle Ghonim Persona Non Grata, and asked that Immigration Department take immediate action. “

The court hearing took place on Friday and on Saturday, May 23 Ghonim was handed over to the immigration department. Ghonim, the owner of Ayoushe Beauty was handed over to U.S. Marshalls. At this time, it is unclear if the investigation and the subsequent extradition was initiated by the United States.

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