Health Crisis Deepens: Autopsies Halted as Pathologist Demands Fair Compensation

A looming health crisis in St.Kitts at the main General Hospital at JNF has reached a critical point as autopsies have ground to a halt due to a standoff between the government and the resident pathologist. Reports indicate that the pathologist is refusing to conduct autopsies until a fair adjustment is made to compensation.The pathologist allegedly seeks an increase in compensation for government autopsies, citing inadequate remuneration for the vital service provided. Consequently, bodies are languishing longer in morgues, delaying their release for burial, as the government has yet to negotiate higher compensation.The demand for increased pay from the pathologist comes amidst public outrage over the government’s decision to grant themselves a substantial 37% salary increase. This stark juxtaposition highlights government priorities, with ministers benefiting from significant raises while essential services languish due to inadequate funding.The impasse underscores the urgent need for fair compensation for vital healthcare professionals and calls for swift action to resolve the standoff to prevent further delays in essential forensic services.

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