Haitians repatriated to their homeland after illegal entry on Nevis in January

CHARLESTOWN/BASSETERE – February 1, 2022 – Nearly two dozen Haitian nationals who landed illegally in Nevis on January 2, 2022 were repatriated to their homeland on Monday, January 31st.A Police official confirmed they departed the federation via the Robert Bradshaw International Airport on a flight on Monday afternoon, after leaving Nevis by boat earlier that morning. Seventeen Haitians – eleven males, four females and two juveniles were taken into Police custody when the boat they were on ran aground at Bath Village in Nevis.In an operation mounted by police on a Nelson’s Spring home in Nevis on January 3, an additional seven (7) persons – two (2) nationals of St Kitts and Nevis and five (5) nationals of Haiti, two of whom currently reside in the Federation – were also taken into custody. On January 12, 2022, Wensley George and Brian Etienne – nationals of Dominica were charged for the offences of Illegal entry into the Federation at a Non-Formal Port, Disembarking Without the Consent of an Immigration Officer and Allowing Persons to Disembark a Vessel as the Master of said Vessel.On January 12, 2022, Datus Gregoire and Vincent Wendy-Darlene, both of whom are nationals of Haiti residing at McKnight, St. Kitts, were charged for the offences of Harbouring Illegal Immigrants. Gregoire was granted $5,000 bail. Wendy-Darlene remains in Police custody.On January 08, 2022, Emmett Bart of Sprott Street, St. Kitts, was charged for the offence of Harbouring a Fugitive. He has been remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison.On January 07, 2022, Rudolph Claxton of Craddock Road, Nevis, and Leroy Walters of Government Road, Nevis, were charged for the offences of Harbouring Illegal Immigrants. They are also on bail. George was apprehended by the Police and taken into custody along with Bart following an operation conducted at Bart’s residence. Etienne was caught at the airport attempting to flee the country. File image of Haitians departing the Robert Bradshaw International Airport in 2020.

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