Government of Montserrat announces more stringent lockdown measures following the confirmation of a fifth COVID-19 case

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Monday February 8,  2021 – The Government of Montserrat has announced more stringent lockdown measures following the confirmation of a fifth COVID-19 case; a student at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS).

The fifth case was announced by the Ministry of Health on Monday February 8, 2021.  The Ministry also disclosed that 30 persons have been tested since the 1st new case was confirmed on February 6, 2021.

In an effort to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and to allow for the testing of 40 primary contacts of active cases, over the next two days, the list of essential Government and Private services has been reduced.

Commencing at 6:00a.m. on Tuesday February 9, 2021, PUBLIC HEALTH (COVID-19 SUPPRESSION) (No.8) (AMENDMENT) ORDER S.R.O. 11 of 2021 will take effect, until Thursday February 11 at 6:00a.m. During that period only the following essential services will be allowed to operate:

a) air traffic (including meteorological, telecommunication, security, fire and crash services connected with airports) services;

(b) fire, prison, defence force or police services;

(c) medical, health, hospital, infirmary or nursing home services;

(d) telecommunications or broadcasting services;

(e) water, electricity or sanitation services;

 (f) immigration, customs or postal services;

(g) services connected with the loading and unloading of ships and with the storage and delivery of goods at, or from a dock, wharf or warehouse operated in connection with the dock or wharf;

(h) airport, seaport, civil aviation or ferry services;

(i) services connected with essential government functions as determined by the Deputy Governor; or

 (j) a service that is granted permission to offer the service.

The following Businesses and persons may operate:

  1. A Doctor’s Office (by appointments only)
  2. A Pharmacy from 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.
  3. An undertaker
  4. A business, person or organisation that is granted permission to operate.

Therefore, the list of businesses that must close has been increased, and now includes supermarkets.  The list of mandatory closures is as follows

  • a person, business, organisation or Department that is not an essential service provider;

(b) a bar or nightclub,or similar business;

(c) a restaurant, to include take-away or delivery service, or similar business;

(d) a barber shop, hair salon, spa or similar business;

(e) a gym or other sports club or similar business;

 (f) retail store or similar business;

(g) an insurance services provider or similar business;

(h) a school to include public, private or denominational school;

(i)  church or other religious establishment;

(j)  a bank;

(k) a gas station;

(l)  a bakery;

(m)  a grocery store, wholesale business or agricultural produce business;

(n)  a money transfer business;

(o)  a business connected with farming, fisheries; and

 (p) a water, electricity, telecommunications or internet service provider. 

Individuals with emergencies or who are in urgent need of essential food items are asked to call the DMCA at 491-3800.   Arrangements will be made for items to be delivered to you and individuals will be required to pay for their groceries.

Following the Government announcement the Office of the Deputy Governor introduced an essential Government services list and an on-call list for public officers. The following are the essential Government services as outlined by the Office of the Deputy Governor:

  1. Police (Marine Unit and Integrated Border Security Unit)
  2. Fire and Rescue
  3. The Ministry of Health
  4. Prison Services
  5. Airport Management and Air Traffic Services
  6. Radio Montserrat (ZJB)
  7. Cesspool Operators and Driver
  8. Security/Night Watchmen
  9. Customs
  10. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)
  11. The Office of the Attorney General (at the direction of the Attorney General)
  12. Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA)
  1. Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO)

The on-call government services as outlined by the Office of the Deputy Governor are as follows:

  1. Supreme Court
  2. Magistracy
  3. DITES
  4. Social Services Department
  5. Consular and Passport Services and
  6. Government Information Unit (GIU)  

The confirmation of five active cases brings the overall number of confirmed cases on Montserrat since March 2020 to 18.

Residents are advised to isolate and immediately seek medical attention should they experience any symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus. Symptoms include common cold and flu symptoms such as sore throat, cough and runny nose; as well as sudden loss of smell or taste, nausea or diarrhea. Anyone experiencing symptoms should contact the “flu- hotline” (496-9724) during working hours, and the casualty department (491-2836/2552/ 2802) after hours.

S.R.O. 11 of 2021 can be viewed and downloaded on the Government website at the following link:

Public Health (COVID-19 Suppression) (No.8) (Amendment) Order (

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