Feuding Cayon Youths Squash Differences in Successful Peace March




BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –Cayon High School students on Friday held a very powerful and significant peace march through the community of Cayon, as part show of commitment  to end an ongoing feud .

The feud between the groups  existed for about 5 years and  a  decision was made to bring the two feuding groups  together to explore the root cause of the longstanding differences..

A Mediation conference conducted by Cayon High School Guidance Counsel,  was held on 31st October with the feuding groups. Parents, CHS Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Teacher/Mentor, Pastor, Police Officers, Liaison Officers, and the Cayon Community Development Officer were in attendance.

The conference was a massive success as the young men shook hands and at the end of the night, gave a commitment to pursue peace and squash the so called feud between the groups.  

Kamion Willett, one of the students involved, suggested that a peace march be organized to further solidify the groups commitment to the peace iniaitiative. He suggested that they all walk through the community together to promote a peaceful resolution through words than through violence.
 The Peace March was organized by the Guidance Counselling Department of the Cayon High School with Larissa Mars and  Noline Blanchard spearheading the planning process of the Peace March, with the assistance of CHS Teacher Mr. Adesupo Adetowubo, and Ms. Alicia Collins, the Community Development Officer

The March was a tremedoud success as the young men followed through with their verbal commitment and walked together through the community. The passionate chants for peace from the students, teachers, and community members echoed through Cayon.

It is hoped that somewhere in the community, someone heard the pleas of the children that enough is enough, and felt compelled to try and make a positive change as these young men did.

Peace Luncheon was sponsored by the Hon. Eugene Hamilton who came directly from Parliament to commend the school for its Peace Day.

A Hon. Eugene Hamilton sponsored Peace Luncheon was held after the march with the young men.

Hon. Eugene Hamilton attended and  came directly from Parliament to commend all the efforts that were exerted for the  Peace Day.

 Labour Candidate Dr. Terrance Drew was present and supported the  event and commended the  initiative. 



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