Federations Most murderous period remains the record breaking year of 2011 with 34 Murders. 13 Murders recorded for 2021


ST KITTS, January 30, 2022 – Federation’s Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy confirmed that the most murderous period in our country’s history remains the record breaking year of 2011 with some 37 murders recorded
A breakdown of murder statistics for the last decade from 2011 until 2021 were as follows: in 2011 there were 34 murders , 2012 there were 12 murders; 21 murders in 2013, 24 murders in 2014; 29 murders in 2015; 32 murders in 2016; 23 murders in 2017; 23 murders in 2018; 12 murders in 2019, 10 murders in 2020, and 13 murders in 2021.
233 murders between 2011 and 2021.
Raising concerns over the level of violence and murders in the federation, Brandy pointed out that at least six of the weapons taken off the streets of St Kitts and Nevis were connected to individuals in the United States and England, raising the alarm of how those weapons got into St Kitts and Nevis without detection.
Brandy noted that six St Kitts and Nevis citizens were arrested and [put] in prison in the United States and England.
“That is why I say if we continue to work as a team, and we continue to share the information, and to share the technology, we all will be successful,” said Brandy at the end of a Serial Number Restoration Training Course last week.
Brandy said St Kitts and Nevis does not have a gun licencing shop and those weapons would have been brought into the Federation illegally.
He said the task of the trained officers is key to bringing perpetrators and smugglers to justice.
Death by guns has accounted for 80 percent of the murders since 2012.
Brandy raised concerns about the impact of ridding the streets of illegal weapons and bringing the perpetrators to justice.
“As we all are aware, 80 percent for the last 10 years of our homicides was committed by a firearm,” Brandy noted.

Image – Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy

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