(October 12th, 2021) Opposition MP Hon. Geoffrey Hanley has announced that he stands ready to take over the Leadership of the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party. In an interview on a May 2021 edition of WINN FMs VOICES programme the Const#1 representative told host Devonne Cornelious that he stands ready to take over the leadership of the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party .

The announcement came days after Dr. Terrance Drew, who was heavily touted as the front runner for the leadership race of the Labour Party , suffered yet another defeat at the hands of Hon. Eugene Hamilton when the case brought by Drew against Hamilton regarding the recent elections was thrown out or quashed due to lack of evidence . This marked the 3rd straight defeat of Drew by Hamilton in elections and election related matters . Drew has never been successful against Hon. Hamilton. In fact over the 2015 and 2020 elections Hamilton has beaten Drew by a total of over 320 plus votes . Many have stated that Drew’s inability to overcome Hamilton in his constituency has seriously hampered his chances for Leadership as it would be a tough sell as with Drew as leader the Opposition Labour would be the only major political party who does not boast a Leader who is an elected MP neither would they be able to bost of a leader who has never lost in their respective constituencies unlike the current leaders of the other main parties in the federation.

Recent polls suggests that Dr. Hanley is the favoured candidate for leadership of the SKNLP outside of current Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas. Hanley has a 25% Favourability rating compared to a 19% for Dr. Terance Drew and 13% for Dr. Joyelle Clarke. Dr. Douglas remains way ahead with a 37% favorability rating

Hon. Geoffrey Hanleys declaration was clear as it loudly expressed his interest in the leadership of the party while pundits and others have virtually eliminated Drew as a prospect as his status as a “political loser” having lost in every election he has ever participated , is quite prominent and would be a tough sell to convince most that he is the most suited despite being unable to even win his constituency

“If the party members, the rank and file, demonstrate that they want me as their leader, and we have a democratic process, I will not reject such an opportunity………I stand ready and properly prepared to take on that mantle with God’s guidance and his leading,” Dr. Hanley declared .

According to a WINN FM Report The SKNLP lost at the polls in 2015 and 2020, to the three-party Team Unity alliance of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), and the People’s Labour Party (PLP).

Dr. Geoffrey Hanley narrowly defeated Ian “Patches” Liburd of the People’s Action Movement in the June 05, 2020, general elections.

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