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Dr. Charles Warner

By: Dr. Charles Warner


Dr. Douglas and his peons  –  the Douglasites  – are in the media asking for the publication of the latest IMF report.  Notably this clamour was not made re previous reports.  The reports are getting better and better so one wonders what is the issue.


Common sense would tell anyone that if there was something in the report to make Dr. Douglas happy, he would have been reading it out aloud.  You know, anything bad for St. Kitts nowadays makes Dr. Douglas very happy.  The man is a traitor!


The recent IMF report puts St. Kitts and Nevis in a positive light.  Furthermore, the IMF report is online and anyone can access it.  Thus if there is anything that Dr. Douglas is excited about he can find it.  All the mess he made was usually found on the IMF Website and certainly the protocol has not changed.


This is not the era of Douglasism when every attempt was made to hide the truth from the people.  Sylvene Henry, nee Osbourne, took a lot of flak from Douglasism for going onto the IMF site and speaking the truth.  Because the economist Mr. Harris did the same and wrote and spoke about it he was called a drunkard.  Well, if so, Dr. Douglas should have been ashamed.   It is not a compliment when a drunkard can correct a prime minister.  Certainly, the economist will not find such faults with Dr. Harris.  Actually, one wonders who was the real drunkard who was in a drunken state.


Is it that Denzil Douglas really wants to hear that the debt he left with the IMF has been paid off.   This alone makes any IMF report about St. Kitts and Nevis something to run around the island about.  Bells should be ringing.


The IMF report will speak of the various capital projects which are in progress.  The road resurfacing, the new pier, the repair of roofs etc.  The new Basseterre High School and the Housing programme.  Whether the IMF says it or not, every St. Kitts and Nevis citizen knows that they were promised under Dr. Douglas and could not be attained under Douglasism.  In other words, Douglasism had bankrupted the Country.


The IMF report will tell Douglas that the Debt to GDP ratio is now near the mid-fifties as opposed to the 80% under Douglasism.  For sure the IMF report will clearly show that as it relates to Debt to GDP ratio, St. Kitts and Nevis in 2018, under Team Unity, is not in the position it was under Dr. Douglas.


Frankly, as it stands, the steps St. Kitts and Nevis is making with Dr. Harris and Team Unity are what is required in the region.  While our friends are having great difficulty, St. Kitts and Nevis is holding its own.  The decay and decline of Douglasism has been arrested.


As to report, many persons are still asking for the report or the probe into the police sickout.  Dr. Douglas tried to put the service people in a bad light but the report embarrassed him.  Thus, to the day of his departure for Church Street he kept it hidden from the public.  It was an established culture under Douglasism to hide the truth, its failures from the people.


While Dr. Douglas is asking about the IMF report, the people have never seen the report on the collapse of the bridge.  Not only that, but Public Works, then led by Asim Martin hurriedly covered up or removed the evidence, before a proper investigation.


As to the Billy Herbert report, Douglasism gave a “cooked” view of the report, scuttling it away.


The police say “If you see something, say something”.  So to Dr. Douglas, if you know something, say something.  Because, it is virtually impossible that Dr. Harris in 3 years can have a report from the IMF as bad as any that came with him.


The bad report from the IMF relating to the period of Douglasism came virtually after the first week (mirth).   There were several poor reports and it was Douglasism that made our people aware of that called the IMF.  Dr. Douglas was the first and only man to take St. Kitts and Nevis to the IMF.  May God bless us, that saying so.  In other words, Dr. Douglas is the IMF PM.


Dr Harris and the Team Unity government has been lauded by the IMF with respect to Fiscal and economic management.  St. Kitts and Nevis is beginning to muscle up again from the asthenic frame of Douglasism.


May Dr. Douglas be the only IMF PM that this country will ever know.


Dr. Simmonds never took us to the IMF; Dr. Douglas came and took us to the IMF.  Dr. Harris came and took us out of the IMF.  Denzil Douglas is thus the IMF PM.



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