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Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 22, 2016 (SKNIS)–Administrator of the St. Christopher Children’s Home, Margaret Stevens, has assured the public that the children at the St. Christopher Children’s Home are encouraged to excel and succeed at anything they pursue in life.

“I want all of them to have that feeling of success. There is no reason why they shouldn’t, and people in the community can bring that to them. They can assist them in getting there to meet their goals. If you are in the children’s home and you are meeting these goals, when you go out into the world, there is nothing that you can’t do,” Steven said on “Working For You” on September 14. She noted that the St. Kitts community can help motivate the children at the home and children in the Federation on a whole to achieve their goals.

Regarding the issue of clothing the children, Ms. Stevens said they rely on donations from the community, which until now have been good quality donations. She however cautioned those who have never donated to the home and intend to do so, to only donate good quality clothing. She noted that they do receive clothing donations, usually of a high standard.

“We do get donations and I make sure that the donations that we receive are of a good quality and standard,” she said. “I don’t mean to be nasty but I have health and safety to look at as well. Don’t bring me underwear that you’ve worn. Don’t bring me the T-shirts that you pour half a bottle of Clorox down. I ‘m not going to accept it. The donations that we get are really pretty good from the local community and I get to clothe the children pretty well,” Stevens assured.

She noted, however, that it is a challenge to clothe the children, especially the boys. “They get a pair of shoes today and tomorrow they have no soles. It is hard work to clothe them but we do get donations,” Stevens said.

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