Carlene Henry-Morton Stands Strong: Championing CHS Teachers and Students Amidst School Crisis

In a passionate declaration of solidarity, Carlene Henry-Morton, former principal of Basseterre High School, has thrown her support behind the teachers and students of Cayon High School as they grapple with health and safety issues reminiscent of her own experiences. Speaking at a recent PAM Press Conference, Henry-Morton drew parallels between the challenges faced by Cayon High School and the eventual abandonment of the Basseterre High School complex.

“It touched a very raw nerve for me. It’s deja vu,” Henry-Morton expressed empathetically. “I stand with them because I understand what they’re going through.”

With a stark warning of the turbulent journey ahead, Henry-Morton urged unity among the Cayon High School community, emphasizing the need for support from the Saint Kitts Teachers Union. “The goal post is going to be moved practically every day…they better coalesce very quickly, stand in support with each other,” she urged.

As a former general secretary of the Saint Kitts Teachers Union, Henry-Morton called upon the union to rally behind the students, teachers, and parents of Cayon High School. She emphasized the importance of combating misinformation and ensuring that the plight of the school remains in the spotlight.

“These kinds of situations can easily slip under the radar if persons do not constantly bring them to the fore,” Henry-Morton cautioned, highlighting the broader issue of inadequate school infrastructure and its impact on health.

Henry-Morton’s impassioned plea underscores the urgent need for action and accountability in addressing the challenges facing Cayon High School. As the community braces for a prolonged battle, her words serve as a rallying cry for unity, advocacy, and justice in the education sector.

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