Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC)

Dr. Albert Duncan, SLBMC Medical Director said:

We can confirm that sadly, the following patients have died at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC). They had tested positive for COVID-19.

Male patient, age 63, on September 19 at 8:30pm

Male patient, age 27, on September 20 at 12:22pm

Male patient, age 56, on September 21 at 3:40pm

Male patient, age 87, on September 23 at 1:30pm

Male patient, age 88, on September 23 at 3pm

Female patient, age 38, on September 23 at 8:27am

Female patient, age 48, on September 24 at 4:05am

Male patient, age 75, on September 24 at 1:30pm

Male patient, age 66, on September 25 at 7:04am

Male patient, age 80, on September 26 at 1:52am

Female patient, age 79, on September 26 at 5:10pm

Female patient, age 78, on September 26 at 9:03pm

Male patient, age 69, on September 26 at 11:25pm

Female patient, age 40, on September 27 at 3:25am. This marks the nation’s first confirmed maternal death due to complications of COVID-19.

Male patient, age 70, on September 27 at 10:35am

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s families and loved ones at this difficult time.”


Important safety measures that have been scientifically-proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, includes:
▪️Wearing a mask
▪️Practicing social distancing
▪️Avoiding large gatherings

SLBMC encourages all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage eligible family members and friends to join them in getting the vaccine.

The media are asked to respect the wishes of the family, and the interests of staff at the hospital to avoid any disruption to operational services.


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