Irishtown, St.Kitts (September 15th 2016):- The Irishtown Primary School on Thursday (Sept 15) was the recipient of a very timely donation compliments Ambassador Jonel Powell the Team UNITY  candidate for the Central Basseterre Constinuency.


Ambassdor Powell delivered and handed over a number of doors to Minister of Education, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn K . Richards. DPM Richards then presented the doors  to the Principal of the school Mrs Jean Boddie-Nisbett.

In a DISCUSSION FOR PROSPERITY Townhall Meeting in McKnight the Team UNITY Central Basseterre Candidate Powell said that while on a recent visit to the school he had  noticed that a number of doors were  damaged and in some disrepair. Powell said he immediately sought to assist the school, which is in the same McKnight neighbourhood where he grew up as a boy.

“Last week I had an opportunity to take a visit to the school and I realized that some of the doors had been damaged and I know you’ve had difficulties using some of the classrooms as a result of this. I promised Mrs. Boddie I would see what I could do to speed up the process and so I spoke to some persons and was able to get some monies to purchase and donate five doors that I hope are a little more appropriate than what are there now, and something that will benefit the school and students.”

Minister Richards commended Powell and indicated that the donation was a timely one.


“Our schools are an important part of nation building because we are educating our children to ensure our nation continues to develop, and we can only do so in an environment which is conducive to your learning. It is fitting that Ambassador Powell would have come forward at this time to donate five doors ,” said Minister of Education Richards.


Principal Boddie in accepting the donation outlined that the doors were largely vandalized and infested with termites.


Principal Boddie said “We’d like to thank you very much for gracing us with these doors as they are much needed so we can have a conducive environment for our students.”



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