Dr. Charles Warner

Dr. Charles Warner

By: Dr. Charles Warner,

It is amazing how some people can say and do things, yet go around with their heads held high.  Also they get the respect of many people in societ;, what they say is forgotten or they are forgiven.  Frankly, if our society had the onus on values these people should be ostracised.  The things they say are the equivalent of blasphemy.


And, our people do not seem to learn.  They still listen to those kinds and repeat what they say, holding it as gospel.  Our people should be immediately war and suspyicious of people of this kind.


At present St. Kitts and Nevis is taking in the news of the devastation of Haiti.  Haiti is a case where whether it is “cause” or “effect” becomes the question.  There is a big question: How does the average St. Kitts and Nevis citizen feel knowing that Douglasism once told us that power will be gained even if St. Kitts and Nevis had to be brought to a state like Haiti?


As said before, this is why Douglasism has to be avoided, has to come to an end.  Saying that is tantamount to telling us that our female relatives will be made whores.  Who could have any love for St. Kitts and Nevis and make such statement.  In Russia or other Iron Curtain States the person will be in prison and justifiably so.


Some people are of the view that Haiti suffers because of the practice of obeah.  But, an incompetent, reckless leader can be worse than any obeah.


The record is clear as to the experience St. Kitts and Nevis went through under Douglasism.  It did not take any obeah for St. Kitts and Nevis to notoriously gain its status under Douglasism.  The world’s most indebted State, highest murder rate per capita, a trip to the IMF, young people unemployed and sadly the rise in prostitution affecting both sexes.


As Lord Kut has been saying in his recent song, this is like somebody got “they hand on SKN”.  But, the hands of Dr. Douglas have been like a spell on the State.


Dr. Douglas said “I take no responsibility for crime.”  Up to this day the average person can’t believe that criminal activity has reached this level in our State.  On the streets it is said that souls are being sold, that some are profiting from the deaths of our young people.


This is just the case of how some people see Haiti.  It is due to obeah.  Haiti has had more than its share of bad leadership thus the present state of the country today.


It was not due to obeah that one of every three persons under Douglasism was living below the poverty line.  It is this same poverty why Haiti is having all these problems.


On going into Haiti or flying our mountain ranges the size of ours and higher are bare of any vegetation.  It looks like a moonscape or the desert.  In those conditions, flooding is enhanced and the loss of life and property.  Due to poverty Haiti is like an immuno-incompetent person.   Any more of Douglasism would have pushed St. Kitts and Nevis more into the Haiti category.


Our people have to be very wary and cautious about Douglasism and those who follow the doctrine.  It is sad that their threats to make St. Kitts and Nevis like Haiti were not taken seriously by our people.


Maybe many of our people remain naïve.   They seem to be so even though there is overwhelming evidence before them.  The Guyanese and Jamaicans who came here is sound fact or evidence of how things can go under bad leadership.  Three or three and a half decades ago many of these people did not even know where St. Kitts and Nevis was.  Today, they are all among us.  The reason is known.  A poor economy, increased poverty and a lack of opportunities.


Douglasism is not to be given the chance to make St. Kitts and Nevis like Haiti or bring it to the state of our brothers and sisters in those places.  Just like we remember the fine days of Dr. Simmonds and PAM, they remember the glory days in their countries.


Thus our people have to be patient with Dr. Harris and his new administration still in its infancy.  The conditions that are the legacy of Douglasism are similar to a child born to deeply impoverished parents.


It is good that our people are in sympathy with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Our people need to look more at the “cause” as it relates to Haiti.  Our people need to be wary and very uncomfortable with those who threaten(ed) to make St. Kitts and Nevis another Haiti.  Such persons cannot be people who love St. Kitts and Nevis.  Primarily, this means laying to rest (R.I.P.) Douglasism.


It was I-Soursop who warned our people in his calypso, “We getting there”.  It was a plain to all where St. Kitts and Nevis was heading under Douglasism.


Douglasism was making St. Kitts and Nevis a brittle and feeble State, vulnerable to the slightest shock.  It is time to put Douglasism behind, to build a robust and resistant St. Kitts and Nevis.

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