A Call for Justice heard from long ago has meaning today.

Our nation stands by like bystanders to a historic moment. The Truckers Convoy and their supporters are being rounded up by police and investigated for their part in the costly protests through out Canada. For many of our citizens these past few weeks have evoked confusion, fear and anger all round. Whether your a protester, citizen of Ottawa, or Police Officer carrying out the nations orders to bring about order, these actions will illicit future actions of protest. There is great distress, suspicion and fear seeded within our nation. A change perhaps, a call for fundamental political and social change can be heard. This call for change brought this song to mind. This song’s call for social and political justice is alive and meaningful today as it was long ago.

If I had a hammerI’d hammer in the morningI’d hammer in the evening All over this land.I’d hammer out dangerI’d hammer out a warningI’d hammer out love betweenMy Fellow Citizens all over this land.
If I had a bellI’d ring it in the morningI’d ring it in the evening all over this land.I’d ring out dangerI’d ring out a warningI’d ring out love betweenall my neighbor’s all over this land.
If I had a song I’d sing it in the morning I’d sing it in the evening all over this land.I’d sing out about dangerI’d sing out a warning my friend’sI’d sing out love between my Brothers and Sisters in this land.
***I got me a hammerand I got a bellI got a song to sing all over this land.***Its a song of justice for allIts a bell of freedom my friendsIt’s a song about love betweenall my Brothers and sisters all over this land.
All Over This Land.
Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontarioskaszab@yahoo.ca

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