50 Jamaicans Arrive in Kingston after Controversial Deportation from the UK

Nearly 50 Jamaica-born individuals are being processed and fed by personnel at the Mobile Reserve headquarters in Kingston on Wednesday.

Kingston, Jamica (September 7th 2016):- Nearly 50 Jamaica-born individuals deported back to Kingston on Wednesday from the UK.

The deportees were reportedly forcibly removed from the United Kingdom and returned to Jamaica by plane on Wednesday morning, arriving at around 10:30 am at the Norman Manley International Airport.

Immigration officials disclosed that, after processing, the deported individuals will be released.

Dozens of men and women were observed at the processing area, some with as many as five suitcases.

The controversial deportation flight triggered protest in London on Tuesday, with at least one migration support organisation describing it as racist.

Unity Centre, a migration support organisation based in Glasgow, said in a statement, that it spoke to more than 50 of the passengers who were booked on the flight, all of whom came to the UK as children and have failed to regularise their immigration status over the years.

“In the last few weeks, hundreds of individuals previously released on bail and temporary admission have been detained, in a deliberate act to prepare for this charter flight to Jamaica,” Unity Centre said in a press release.

“Many individuals have ongoing immigration cases and most cannot afford to pay the huge legal fees to regularise their stay. Everyone we have spoken to has been here since they were children and have no family or friends in Jamaica,” the organisation continued, noting “Their lives are here in the UK. Everyone we have spoken to has British family, children and partners, even grandchildren and extended family.”

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