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The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is an organization with procedures and processes like any other professional organisation. Internal matters are dealt with using protocols which are usually documented in a policy paper. The same is true as it pertains to transfers within the Police Force. These are not only routine, but are executed using the Provisional Transfer Policy Guideline of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. This is why it is with deep dismay that the High Command of the Police Force learned of an article that casts aspersions on the integrity of the transfer process and goes as far as to make erroneous claims to achieve this malicious end. Additionally, the High Command places on record that there is no investigation currently underway into money laundering allegations involving top government officials as stated in the misleading article.

According to the Provisional Transfer Policy Guideline, “to provide the most effective and efficient service to the public, The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force must utilise to the fullest, the talents and abilities of all Officers.” This is done, in part, through transfers. The document also states that transfers within the Force are based on department need, career development of the employee and on personal request of the employee. Transfers can be permanent or temporary. The final decision is made by the Executive Command of the Force. There are also certain conditions that naturally lead to the need for transfers, such as postings and promotions. 

As the public is aware, there have been a large number of promotions that have taken place over the past few years and many Officers have seen themselves move up the ladder of seniority. Additionally, persons are also aware of the graduation of Course #42 from Training School that took place only recently. With the promotion of Officers to supervisory ranks and the posting of newly trained Officers to various units, it became necessary to revisit the human resources of the Force to ensure that there was a balance of skill and experience at the various stations and departments. A major set of transfers have been taking place at least once per year traditionally. This year was no different. The Executive Command of the Force spent several weeks trying to ensure that such a balance was attained. Also important to note is that transfers do not impede the work of a department. With such a sound process in place, the High Command therefore denounces the use of false information to mislead the public about transfers.

The public is assured that transfers are undertaken in an impartial manner and are a part of the natural operation of the Force. There were just over thirty (30) postings that were done and, unlike the article states, over fifty (50) Officers were transferred. Once such a large scale set of transfers takes place a special Force Order is published to list them all.

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