Respect Ladies. Respect

February 21, 2022

We show Respect to the Line of Ladieswho fought for their nation and friends. Canadians looked to their achievements on ice and gasped each time they would win.Alone they are [...]

A Unstoppable Universal Plague

January 27, 2022

by Steven Kaszab, Bradford, Ontario skaszab@yahoo.ca During the 15th Century the world was exposed to what seemed like a unstoppable plague. Victims a a new and terrifying [...]

Is there a plan?

January 27, 2022

by Steven Kaszab, Bradford, Ontario skaszab@yahoo.ca Filled up with gas today. Nearly 1.50 liter. Was told by person behind the counter that a increase will happen this [...]

Nursing Profession is Collapsing

January 21, 2022

by Steven Kaszab Michael Hurley, president of Ontario Council of Hospital Unions of CUPE says “the lesson’s learnt during the COVID era is that employers need to treat [...]

The Rights of Trinidadians at Work

January 10, 2022

Trinidad and Tobago’s National government has made every effort to serve its citizens, and yet  this COVID -19  pandemic has challenged the government like [...]

Free Markets promote a lie.

December 6, 2021

The Pandemic has had its influences upon all aspects of the economy and so called free market through out the Globe, and our multi national corporations have studied the [...]

Barbadian Dream. Independence to Become

November 30, 2021

by Steven Kaszab skaszab@yahoo.ca A sweeping wind has blown over Barbadosinstituting and independently free air, the people have begun to see their future as a people of note [...]
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