BVI: ‘Mark Vanterpool, have mercy on us!’; Bad roads frustrate residents

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ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Residents of the Virgin Islands, especially on Tortola, continue to use their social media platforms to voice their frustration over the deplorable state of the Territory’s roads, a situation that existed even before the floods of August 7, 2017 and hurricanes Irma and Maria back in September.
One Facebook user, a Dick Schoonover, even pleaded with Minister for Communications and Works, Hon Mark H. Vanterpool (R4) to show “mercy” as he shared to the BVI Community Board a story this news site published on November 9, 2017 about the huge potholes on roads across Tortola.
“Mark Vanterpool, have mercy upon us! Can’t we get the road grader (I’ve seen one on island) to make a sweep twice a week through Sea Cows Bay and from the Queen Elizabeth Park past Prospect Reef to the Slaney roundabout? Maybe from the College to Fat Hog Bob’s too? This isn’t Rocket Science and we aren’t talking about 20 miles of bad road… Just 20 miles of bad road squeezed into a couple hundred yards!,” Mr Schoonover posted on the BVI Community Board’s Facebook page.
‘It’s depressing’
Many persons sympathised with Mr Schoonover and even offered possible solutions to the problem.
A Chuck Welsh said the Territory needs to contract “a FL paving company to come and assist, work at night under FDOT lights, trench and install proper RCP drainage, recover by 6 am for commerce to flow during the day and at least install proper patching. It could be done in 10 days.”
Debby Catanzaro said: “If they paved these roads properly the first time, they wouldn’t wash away every time heavy rains come.”
A Perline George remarked: “It’s depressing every time I get into the car. Fed up had enough. Can’t deal.”
And a Lynda Rose said: “Surely, if you want the tourists to return, they need to be able to get around and see the beauty of these Islands, and more importantly, your local transport for vital supplies?”
Meanwhile, a Louis Schwartz said: “The grader was in Sea Cows Bay this a.m. And graded itself into a ditch when I came back from town to his afternoon un be freakin believable mom…..”
And a Steve Davis asked if the politicians are even on island.
“Hmmm I going home In the area of Prospect Reef and got a flat with brand news tires come on please do something with the roads it is unbearable,” a Lily Love commented.
Valerie Georges remarked: “Given the appalling state of the entire road network, they really should consider waiving vehicle license fees for 2018. Actually, pay us to drive on the “roads” man. It’s that serious. And that way we can afford the new shocks and tires that surely will be needed.”
Meanwhile, Hon Vanterpool had previously told this news site that government will be focusing on some temporary fixes to some of the road while others will be rebuilt at a later time.
“We are starting a programme to at least temporarily rehabilitate some of them…and then we have a longer term plan to rebuild a number of them as we have started before, so we are moving in that direction,” Hon Vanterpool told this news site.
It seems even the temporary fixes have been too slow in coming.

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