One-on-one consultations gave nationals the opportunity to thank the government 

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One-on-one consultations gave nationals the opportunity to thank the government  

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, March 8, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Seven, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who on Wednesday March 6 held one-on-one consultations with his constituents and persons from outside the constituency says while the breadth of issues discussed was wide, many came to show their appreciation for the work the government is doing.

“It was not just an exercise of bringing issues,” said Dr Harris who held the consultations at the constituency office on Main Street in Tabernacle. “There were those who came to say thank you. They wanted personally to let me know they appreciate the work that the government has been doing.”

According to the Honourable Prime Minister, many came to give appreciation for the fact that a member of their family had benefitted from the Government’s $500 assistance programme (Poverty Alleviation Programme – PAP), while others said they were longing for an opportunity just to come to shake his hand, to say ‘thank you’ for the roof repair programme.

Dr Harris noted that those persons were inspiring because they were able to appreciate the programmes the government is implementing. The government had canvassed the national community on the programmes, and now that they are in implementation stage the people of St. Kitts and Nevis have shown how deeply appreciative they are of the programmes.     

A national of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) who relocated to St. Kitts after her home in Tortola was damaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and who had the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister commented that he was a very outgoing person who listens to all, and that it is very easy to talk to him.

“Through the hurricane I lost everything,” said Ms Dianne Hodge. “I was staying with my mum – I still had my job – but I was just getting stressed and it was taking up a toll on my health. I decided if I was going anywhere, the place had to be St. Kitts. I had visited here before and I love it. It is a quiet place and I love it.”

A data collector with the Department Marine Resources, Mr Enver Pemberton, who was among the last persons to see the Prime Minister, said that even though he is the CEO of the Nation, Dr Harris is so generous with his time. Mr Pemberton noted that the social value of that act was tremendous, adding that it brings relief to the listening ear. 

“He is burdened by multiple obligations, each pulling and tugging for his attention every microsecond of the day, and yet for an entire day he worked more than eight hours at an unrelenting pace taking care of the needs of his constituents,” said Mr Pemberton, who added that the attitude of commitment by the Prime Minister should be emulated.

The one-on-one consultations which started at 9:00 am came to an end at 8:10 pm, meaning the Prime Minister spent eleven hours with those who came to see him. Said the Prime Minister: “I want to thank each one who came forward today for taking the time to come and to stay until their own appointed time had come, and for helping me to better understand their own situation and I how I could assist.”

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