The Business of Carnival™ YouTube Series Announces Season 3 Launch!

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The Business of Carnival™ YouTube Series Announces Season 3 Launch!

OECS continues partnership with Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Carla Parris to demystify the legal and business aspects of carnival

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 — Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival 2020 is here in all its glory with fetes underway, steel pan music in the air, and new Soca, Calypso and Chutney music released. With all the festivities and excitement happening, so too is The Business of Carnival YouTube series with its upcoming Season 3 premiere!

The Trinidad and Tobago Season 3 teaser video will be released today, Wednesday, 15 January on all of the show’s social media platforms, with the episodes being released later in the month.

This web series is a talk show which features many of the Caribbean’s celebrities in the music, fashion, photography, and events industries and is designed to educate the show’s guests and viewers on the legal and business aspects of carnival and the wider entertainment sector.

The creator of the series, Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Carla Parris, also serves as the show’s host. Reflecting on the Series’ success to date, Parris stated,

“I am truly amazed that this web series, which first started as an idea to discuss some of the topics that I have dealt with in my law practice over the years, has now grown into a global series that comprises 13 episodes featuring three countries, Trinidad and Tobago; Barbados and the United States (Los Angeles, Hollywood). My team and I are excited to launch Season 3, featuring some of T&T’s biggest names.”

Beginning only in 2018, The Business of Carnival™ has already featured industry leaders such as soca artistes Fay-Ann Lyons and Kees Dieffenthaller; band leaders Dean Ackin (Tribe) and Jules Sobion (Caesar’s Army); Deejays Private Ryan and Puffy; and Fashion Designers Anya Ayoung Chee and Chandra Maharaj.

For Season 3, Parris noted

“We are confident that the hard-hitting Intellectual Property law and business topics in the episodes will engage the carnival and entertainment industry communities across the Caribbean and its Diaspora. These topics seek to strengthen and protect our creative industry sectors.”

This year The Business of Carnival™ will also be embarking on exciting new projects such as the launching of its own branded events.

“We remain open to partnerships with companies who wish to grow with the brand and feature their products and services within the online show,” said Parris.

For more information on brand partnerships and episode sponsorship opportunities email:

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About Carla Parris:

Carla Parris is an Entertainment and Sports Lawyer, Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur and Content Creator. She operates the first boutique law practice in Trinidad and Tobago with an exclusive focus on the areas of Entertainment, Intellectual Property and Sports Law. She advises clients in traditional corporate industries on a variety of copyright and trademark concerns and provides specialist advice to persons in the music, film, animation, events management, fashion, sports and broadcast industries.Business

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