St.Kitts Sugar Workers Cheque Circulating on Social Media is FAKE

Sugar Workers Cheque Circulating on Social Media is FAKE

 10407459_1062815443744840_1313205062864288409_nBasseterre, St.Kitts (March 18th 2015):- It seems the dirty, deceptive campaign of the now Opposition Labour/NRP  alliance continues with the latest of a series of bogus documents that have been posted on social media. During the campaign a number of bogus documents were posted purporting to be documents of the Team UNITY. The documents which included fake documents of internal memos and correspondences which claimed a number of proposed actions by the Team UNITY were disseminated far and wide vias social media and whatsapp.

Over the last week yet another similar document has been circulated with a fraudulent photo claiming that all former sugar workers should visit  the Office of the Prime Minister between March 16th and 31st in order to collect cheques .

Like the other docments circulated by agents of the Labour/NRP there is nothing authentic about the photo. The graphic is bogus and was done  to create chaos among sugar workers.

Authentic information about the policies and plans of the Government is always delivered to the public ONLY through the official arms of Government, including the Press Secretary, the SKNIS (Government of St Kitts and Nevis Information Service) and the Ministry of Information.

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