Opposition MP and Prime Minister ‘trade words’ in St Vincent’s parliament

L-R -Gonsalves - Leacock

Lee Yan LaSurLee Yan LaSur

January 11, 2023

During the Health Minister’s contribution to the 2023 budget on Wednesday, the St. Vincent PM and an opposition member engaged in a verbal battle in the legislature.

The health minister, Jimmy Prince, was talking about diagnostic services when an opposition member, St. Clair Leacock, rose to ask about the relationship between the government and the private sector in this area and to ask for advice about a local company that provides these services.

During the interjection, Prime Minister Gonsalves could be heard saying, “Let the man speak in silence,” referring to Prince. Such a statement by Gonsalves must have triggered Leacock.

Political experts and observers say that Leacock has a grudge against Gonsalves. They say that Leacock’s anger is partly due to the fact that he hasn’t been elected to office in 20 years.

Leacock has always made it clear that he is not afraid of Gonsalves. On Wednesday, Gonsalves echoed that he (Ralph) is not a “coward.”

Gonsalves declared that he would not permit Leacock to intimidate him or any other member of the parliament after the Speaker’s involvement.

Leacock claimed that his inquiry was sincere and had nothing to do with naughty behavior.

The exchange, which has gone viral on social media, has triggered an avalanche of comments, including many who express the view that both men are tired and should lay down their political swords or call it a “day.”

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