Dr. Thelma Phillip Browne Leads Formidable Group Of Women Announced To Key Positions In St.Kitts-Nevis Government

Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne

Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne

Some 4 women were on Wednesday among a number ambassadorial and other appointments announced by St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris.
Leading the group is Social Activist Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne who was announced as the Federation’s Ambassador-designate to the United States.
In announcing Browne Dr. Timothy Harris highlighted her experience and praised her professionalism.
“Dr. Browne is a well known medical practitioner and dermatologist, with a wide range of experience in the delivery of health services. She is a professional woman who will make a difference in our diplomacy with our most significant international partner – the United States,” Prime Minister Harris stressed.
Dr. Browne who holds a degree in Theology and serves as a Pastor leads a number of appointments of women into key positions in the new Team UNITY government.

L-R Shirley Skeritt, Lorna Hunkins, Verna Morris

L-R Shirley Skeritt, Lorna Hunkins, Verna Morris

Along with Dr. Browne is career Diplomat Shirley Skerritt who was formerly attached to the OECS Mission and Embassies in Brussels and is now confirmed as High Commissioner to Canada based in Ottawa.
Another woman Verna Morris was announced as the Charge d’ Affaires of Cuba. Morris has served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 10 years. She is a graduate of universities in Cuba and Mexico.
Nevisian Lorna Hunkins was also announced as Special Advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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