10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 3x Olympian Jason Rogers

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By Suelika N. Creque

BASSETERRE; St. Kitts: JASON Rogers may not have won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but has definitely won gold in the hearts of the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The 29-year-old Sandy Point native, has described his Tokyo 2020 experience as his best Olympic experience, which also has resulted in him being ranked the 17th fastest man in the world!

But along with the wealth of details that some would know about Jason Rogers, there were also some intriguing details and lesser-known fascinating facts about our reserved 3x Olympian.

He’s a Girl-Dad

  1. One of Jason’s favorite things to do is to pick up his daughter, J’Rae from school as he loves how happy she gets. He said that her favorite thing is going to the beach and going to the playground. “And I love just chilling and watching TV or just relaxing with her, she’s good company as a kid,” he said. J’Rae is now four year-old and was named after her mother Rae-Dawn.

He’s a big Gamer

  1. He loves video games! In fact he plays every day once he has free-time and sometimes it is the last thing he does before closing his eyes. Many have speculated if he knows how to handle the garen vs darius matchup in popular games like League of Legends, though we’ve never had any confirmation about this. For now, however, we do know that his favorite game to play is fortnite. Whether he plays it alone or with friends, he hopefully has one of the best gaming vpn when he’s online so he can play smoothly.


  1. According to Jason, Guinep is actually his favorite fruit. “Yes I use to look Guineps all over SP, even when I ain’t got to look, I would still find,” he said.

Part-time farmer

  1. Jason enjoys tilling the soil. Whenever he is home he is busy working on his farm where he grows mostly watermelons, cucumbers and peppers. But also grows pumpkin, squash, potatoes, okra, kale and sorrel.

Basketball was his first love

  1. Before he was burning up the track, he was shooting hoops on the basketball court. He played with the Fruta Falcons Junior Team as a starter and won championships with his team.

Vehicle accidents

  1. He has been in about seven different car accidents. The one time he was the driver in one of those accidents, someone overtook him recklessly and ran him off the road.

True Sandy Pointer

  1. Jason describes himself as a true Sandy Pointer because he was actually born at the Pogson Hospital which is located in Sandy Point and not at the Joseph N. France Hospital in Basseterre.

He’s a Lefty

  1. He’s left-handed and according to the University of Oldenburg in Germany, when it comes to sports where there is a short time constraint, left-handed individuals appeared to excel especially in basketball and tennis.


  1. Jason loves dogs. He has one dog at the moment named Asia and she is a mixed breed. He also likes other dog breeds such as Cane Corso, Bull Mastiff and Rottweiler.

First aspirations

  1. If Jason did not pursue a career in track and field, he probably would have become a Lawyer, “I knew the benefits of a Lawyer from a young age and also wanted to be able to help my family, friends or close ones if needs be,” he said.

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